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Sarah Tarhini 05 Aug 2022

The Ultimate Food Guide To Bekaa

Alongside scenic views, the Bekaa valley has some of the greatest food in Lebanon. Here are 16 food destinations around Bekaa that you need to drop by ASAP.

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1. Al Shams Restaurant

A classic spot you probably grew up visiting. Heaven for anyone who loves rustic Lebanese mezza.

2. Nabaa Anjar Restaurant

Combine tasty Lebanese dishes with a divine view of Nabaa Anjar at this spot.

3. Amaleen Café and Restaurant

All your favorite dishes, with a stunning lake side view at Amaleen. They serve delectable Lebanese cuisine and an international menu – there’s definitely something for everyone!

4. Wadi Chamsin

Encircled by natural scapes, this serene getaway in the heart of Bekaa Valley guarantees an excellent tasting experience and exciting outdoor lake activities.

5. Cadmus Resto Café

This lakeside restaurant caters to all your food cravings – from mouthwatering Mediterranean cuisine to appetizing international dishes. The luminous outdoor terrace features a splendid view of the lake.

6. Lakkis Farm

It is all farm to table at this spot that is known for serving the best sfi7a in town. They also serve a medley of appetizers, international dishes, and mezza with a special focus on meat.

7. Z Burger House

Tucked away in Zahle, this American diner serves the signature Biggy House Burger, juicy double beef patties with double cheddar cheese, with Biggy sauce squeezed between the buns.

8. Gelato Show

For every sweet tooth emergency, drop by Gelato Show’s branch in Zahle for S’mores Crepe, featuring delicious Belgian chocolate, lotus biscuit, and melted marshmallows.

9. Choco Crepe

It’s always dessert o’clock at Choco Crepe. This place has the best Belgian chocolates and their pistachio crepes are not to be missed!

10. Layali Al-Qamar

Specializing in Lebanese food, this gem will have you relishing in a memorable food experience with a scenic view of Bekaa Valley.

11. Al Khan Al Makssoud

Go back to your roots at Al Khan Al Makssoud in Taanayel. The farmhouse ambience of its ecolodges mixed with tasty Lebanese food experience is beyond satisfying.

12. Authentic Sushi House

This place’s Exotic Sushi Cake with leave you full and satisfied. Their signature fresh salmon load platter made with salmon Nigiri, avocado roll topped with salmon salad, and salmon sashimi is a foodie must-have.

13. Sama Chtaura

Traditional Lebanese food tables and relaxing greeneries – this food spot beholds all your food pleasures and delights.

14. Kiosk Burgers

This cute yellow-themed cozy haven is a hidden gem in Qaraoun. Their fatty patty burgers are charcoal grilled and topped with best ingredients.

15. Chez Gio Gio

Delicious Pizza alert at Chez Gio Gio! Fresh and cooked to absolute perfection, the Forni Valoriani Margherita pizza, sprinkled with basil and parmigiana, is a dreamy Italian fantasy.

16. Sufra

Surrounded by the tranquil and warm décor, Sufra World will take you to a whole new level with their freshly made flavors and earthy Beqaa valley wines.