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Tanya Maalouf 06 Aug 2022

8 Spots To Spend Precious Time With Your Loved Ones

Nothing is more precious than time spent with your family. Here are some scenic escapes that are ideal for you to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

1. Sama Arze, Adma-Fatqa

Marvel at this gorgeous sunset view as you enjoy a variety of delectable dishes. The ideal spot for this kind of weather!

2. AALSHATT, Tabarja

If you’re looking for an experience by the sea, this is the right place for you, especially if you’re a family of seafood lovers.

3. Little Reed, Broumana

A family house that is perfect for some family time. Enjoy a traditional meal at this serene spot and reminisce on childhood memories over delicious homemade food.

4. Biomass Restaurant, Jrabta

A picnic in the shade under the trees. They offer a variety of delicious homemade and locally sourced Lebanese food, a place your family will definitely adore.

5. El Denye Hek, Hazmieh

Take a trip to Hazmieh to enjoy the yummy dishes at El Denye Hek. Enjoy a fulfilling breakfast or stop by during lunch time for a hearty meal.

6. Get Grilled, Furn El Chebbak

Indian Mediterranean fusion at this family business that will bring you a homey feel, making dishes with a sprinkle of love.

7. Makan, Mar Mikhael

Their green terrace will definitely make your meal all the more enjoyable. They also have a set menu dinner from Thursday to Saturday.

8. Sufra, Barelias

A peaceful restaurant tucked away in Barelias, serving soulful Lebanese speciality dishes and artisanal mouneh!