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Bachar Bzeih 18 Aug 2022

Man Who Held Bank Hostage Vows To Do It Again

Bassam al Sheikh Hussein, the man who held a Federal Bank branch hostage last Thursday, August 11, has vowed that he would do it all again if Federal Bank do not give him the rest of his deposits

He was released on Tuesday by Lebanon’s public prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat after Federal Bank dropped charges against him.

In a press conference today, Hussein stated that he had agreed with Federal Bank that they would pay him $35,000 up front and then $400 daily to end the hostage crisis. He had also agreed that he would go straight home after but was detained for 4 days by security forces.

Hussein, alongside depositor advocacy groups, aims to fight till the rest of his money is freed and is currently still in negotiations with the bank. Hussein is not the first to resort to violence for his deposits, following a man in Jeb Jnin earlier this year. Tensions between depositors and banks are expected to continue to escalate.