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Tanya Maalouf 24 Aug 2022

12 Quaint Spots To Uncover In Beirut

Are you looking for some quaint gems in the heart of Beirut? Here are a few for you to uncover.

1. Bardel Café & Eatery

Beirut can never have enough cafes, and this one is quite the quirky spot! Its positive vibes and feel-good atmosphere makes it the ideal place to spend your mornings.

2. Zmrd Social Space

Zmrd is a feel-good spot that is all about providing a safe space for all, with good music, fun, and lots of laughter. Don’t forget to join them on their Oud Nights!

3. Caffeine 1992

Their coffees are hand selected from some of the finest growers in the world, guaranteeing a unique and fresh coffee experience.

4. Persian Cup

This spot serves up delicious Persian cuisine that will leave you coming back for more. Their yummy dishes are bursting with flavor, and you won’t be able to resist a second helping.

5. Cupola

How about a tasty Italian treat with an adorable seating to match? Take a bite out of their delicious pizzas as you soak up the sun in their cozy outdoor seating.

6. Bru

Serving up excellent cakes and lattes, this artisanal caffe will quickly become your new favorite spot in Beirut.

7. Cluster 001

A new green spot in Beirut that is all about serving organic everything. They’re all about supporting local, so drop by to cop some cute locally made items!

8. Blend by Feras Naffaa

Freshly roasted coffee made with lots of love. For the passionate coffee drinkers, this is the place to enjoy a caffeine boost.

9. La Cloche

If you’re in the mood for food that will make you feel like home, La Cloche is the right spot for you.

10. Notes Specialty Coffee

Coffee fanatics, add this spot to your bucket list. Their coffee pairs well with a good book.

11. Dar El Wardieh

This outdoor garden is mesmerizing! It’s a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee and shake off a stressful week.

12. BEYt Sirena

An indoor spot that is charming beyond compare. Invite your friends to a hearty meal and marvel at its beautiful décor.