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Elise Daoud 25 Aug 2022

We’re Obsessed With These Lebanon-Inspired Stickers!

“A collection from childhood to adulting in Lebanon, and everything in between.”

Three Monkeys Concepts is a Lebanese stickers brand that collaborates with visionary graphic designers and artists from Lebanon and abroad to create some of the coolest stickers you’ll ever lay your eyes on, and this year, they launched their Live Love Lebanese collection!

The collection is an ode to the things that made up our Lebanese childhood, including Bonjus, Dabké biscuits, and chiclets gum. A scroll through this collection with have you feeling nostalgic AF, and not adding everything to cart is nearly impossible.

The brand is home to endless sticker collections, known for its artistic flavor and creative designs. We cannot get over the cute little Hummus sticker!

Their stickers are made with the best quality – dustproof, waterproof, sunproof, and you can remove it and stick it somewhere else whenever you feel like it! No matter where they are, they’ll be a companion that will stick around for a long time.

*adds everything to cart*