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Bachar Bzeih 11 Sep 2022

8 Board Game Remakes That Fit Lebanon

Amidst recurring electricity and internet crises, sometimes it’s good to go back to the drawing board. And nothing is better than the analog classic, board games. Here’s eight ways we can remake some of the world’s best board games to fit local conditions.

1. Monopoly

While some might be satisfied with merely changing the names of avenues, we’re looking for a full overhaul of the game. In our version of Lebopoly, you lose 200 everytime you pass Go, all your money is confiscated and frozen at banks, and all the property is already bought up.

2. Risk

Risk is the game of world domination, but how about we make it a game of Beirut domination. Each sect group gets their own neighborhood and no one can make any moves. But you can sit and try to prove who has the bigger dick if you want.

3. Ticket to Ride

You might be wondering how a game about rail transportation fits in with a country that infamously has 0 public transport. Well, you’re right to wonder. In our version, instead of building your rail line empire, you just do nothing and stare at the board. A great representation of the work of our rail transport authorities.

4. Catan

In Catan, you need to gather resources and expand your settlements. In Lebanese Catan, you waste as much resources as possible while destroying all of your settlements. First one to collapse wins.

5. Trivial Pursuit

Knowledge and the ability to answer questions are important aspects of modern day life. But in order to present a system similar to the country’s current one, our trivial pursuit will give you higher scores the more your answers are wrong. Be the worst you can be and one day you could even be president!

6. Chess

In our local version of chess, only the pawns can be moved. Games are just an infinite cycle of death where nobody wins and everybody suffers.

7. Battleship

In a traditional game of Battleship, you have to guess a letter and number combo to try and find your enemy’s hidden fleet. In Lebanese Battleship, you have to guess by using the same system you’d use to give directions. Safintak 3al yameen ba3ed el khodarge 3a el shere3 li feyet b mafra2 haydak el mall.

8. The Game of Life

In the Lebanese version of this game, you simply lose right when you start the game. Over and over again.