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Bachar Bzeih 14 Sep 2022

Bank Fighter Sally Hafiz Hailed As A Hero

This morning, a group of depositors led by a woman named Sally Hafiz barged into BLOM Bank’s Sodeco branch and demanded to have their money handed over to them. Hafiz justified her actions as necessary to get her ailing sister the treatment she needs.

Social media users were quick to celebrate Sally’s actions, with many describing her as a hero for standing up to the banks.

Even Mia Khalifa took to her Twitter account to show support for the young woman:

Sally, who went live on Facebook during the hostage situation, then shared a status stating, “The entire state is under my house and I’m at the airport. See you in Istanbul, ciao”.

Tweeters celebrated Hafez’s Lara Croft-esque look as she went about her mission. A now iconic photo of her wearing all black and clutching a pistol has spread like wildfire across social media.

As of now, rumors are circulating about whether Hafez has managed to escape to Turkey or been captured by the state, with many conflicting accounts. But whatever the case, what is sure is that she has managed to mobilize popular sentiments and will be enjoying broad support across society.