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Sarah Tarhini 25 Oct 2022

The Cave Resort: The Season’s Cozy Mountain Getaway

Are you down for a wild mountain experience? Perched on the rocky hills of Qamouaa in Akkar, The Cave Resort is a lofty retreat with a breathtaking view.

This resort is nestled between a forest of stunning trees and woodland, and gets dusted in snow during the cold season. Boasting heavenly views and unmatched calm energy, this spot is the perfect escape for anyone who is craving a retreat into nature.

Complementing the chilly weather outside, the cabin deco is warm and cozy. Snuggly beds and wood furnishings make this fully-equipped and completely private space ideal for an autumn and fall getaway.

For booking and more information, contact them by calling: +961 70 411 103 .

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