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Taleen El Gharib 26 Sep 2022

9 Amazing Things To Do In Kfarmatta (From A Local)

If you’ve never been to Kfarmatta, then you’re missing out. From good food to amazing views and wonderful people, the village has so much to offer (if I may say so myself).

So, as someone who is from Kfarmatta, I’ve curated the ideal guide to help you enjoy a day at this village to the fullest.

1. Start off your day with the yummiest mouajjanat from Café Montana

This café serves up some of the yummiest mouajjanat that will kickstart your day. Considering this will be a full day of activities, you’re going to need the energy so load up on these delectable carbs.

2. Plan a trip to see the glorious rock fissure, Al Fizr

Have you seen the view from the top? Marvel at the greenery surrounding Kfarmatta with a clear view of the mountains and running river (our next stop).

3. Follow the path to reach the river and set up a picnic!

Setting up a picnic with the sound of running water in the background is therapeutic (just please clean up after yourselves, the location is left open to the public and is cared for by the locals).

This is also the perfect place to try matte for the first time.

4. Or even grab your camping gear and spend the night

The natural terrains in Kfarmatta are particularly perfect for camping. You’re bound to find a suitable spot near the river, or perhaps deeper into the forest where you can set up camp.

And you should definitely ask a local for some help! They’d gladly recommend some ideal spots and might even lead the way.

5. Feast on traditional Lebanese mezza at Jeddo La Melhem Café

The most prominent feature in Kfarmatta is that the gorgeous views follow you wherever you go. Jeddo La Melhem is an adorable restaurant that overlooks the mountains, serving up delicious Lebanese cuisine for you to enjoy with a view. Their staff is extremely friendly and welcoming, so you’ll feel right at home!

6. Learn all about the abandoned silk factory

A popular spot that is actually worth visiting, Kfarmatta’s abandoned silk factory is one of the oldest and largest in Lebanon. It stands proudly as a stunning architectural relic, and has become a favorite location for photoshoots and even events.

7. Discover the many hiking trails in the area

We guarantee that you won’t get lost. All the trails circle back to the same location and are pretty easy to follow. You can also do some olive picking (just make sure no one catches you).

8. Make some horse friends at Al Adham Equestrian Center

Whether you choose to take a riding course or tour the area on horseback, you will fall in love with these cuties over at Al Adham Equestrian Center. Do not challenge the horses to a game of chess, you will lose.

9. Rent out a private pool to unwind after a full day of fun

Did you know Kfarmatta has nearly 120 private pools and resorts? If you’re a sucker for cooling off with a mountain breeze, then we highly recommend renting out a private pool before the season ends.