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William Daou 07 Oct 2022

11 Lebanese Experiences That Could Be The Start Of Every Villian Arc

Life in Lebanon can be filled with a ton of interesting incidents, and we wouldn’t be surprised if any one of these experiences was the beginning of someone’s villain arc.

1. Selling your dollars 3al 34,000LBP only for the exchange rate to skyrocket to 39,500LBP the next day

Biggest ba3sa of the century.

2. Forgetting to plug your phone into the charger when the moteur was on

*prepares to live like a Neandrethal when phone dies*

3. Having a conversation on WhatsApp and then the messages suddenly stop delivering just when it got exciting


4. Making a Labne sandwich then realizing it smells a little funky after you smothered the bread with it

It hurts most when you’re starving and really excited to eat it.

5. Driving to the gas station with your car 3a ekher nafas and finding it closed for no particular reason

So you sit in your dying car for like 10 minutes contemplating your life choices.

6. Hearing the 23750th “3a2belak/ik” at a wedding

Number one reason Lebanese people hate weddings.

7. Coexisting with people who think Lebanese is a whole other language and not a dialect of Arabic

No guys. Lebanese is a mix of Greek, Phoenician, Elvish, Klingon and yalli btekhri Carmen Chammas. It is NOT a dialect of Arabic!!!!

8. Having someone steal the only parking spot on a busy street in Beirut

*screams every msabbe known to humankind*

9. Or waiting for someone to drive out of their parking space so you can park there but they decide that they don’t want to leave anymore

Lesh ba3astne hek?

10. Seeing the “Reconnecting” on a WhatsApp call after you said ALOOOO a handful of times

Name something more irritating (other than Paula Yacoubian 3am tfarje l nes eno heye metlon).

11. Trying to explain to your teta (for the millionth time) that you need Wi-Fi to download Facebook and see what her kids are posting

“Eh tab wen brakkeb Wi-Fi? Halla2 behki abou Rami akid bya3ref hada“