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Bassel Obeid 25 Oct 2022

6 Stunning Historic Hotels Around Lebanon

Lebanon has been home to many ancient empires and historic events, leaving behind a myriad of rich artifacts and walls that speak for themselves. Many of these historical sites have been hotels.

1. Palmyra

This hotel in Baalbek was opened by a Greek businessman in 1874. It is right across a lot of Baalbek’s ancient monuments. During all the tumultuous years that have occurred since then, the hotel famously never closed its door, even for a day.

The hotel has had stunning guests such as Kaiser Wilhelm, Charles De Gaulle, the Shah of Iran, and Jacques Chirac.

2. Mir Amin

Located in the heart of Beiteddine, the hotel was built by Emir Bachir el Chehab II in the 19th century. It is built in the style of the nearby Beiteddine palace, offering an almost miniature copy of the building.

The building was built as a gift for Bachir’s son Amin, before its transformation into the hotel it is today.

3. SYR Palace

Built in the 1930s, the hotel has been a stunning witness of Lebanon’s transformation from mandate to independence to civil war and back to post-war peace. With an eye catching design and an interior that reflects years of majestic history, SYR Palace’s interior also enshrines this historic feel, with designs that will transport you right back into Lebanon’s golden age.

4. Al Bustan

Formerly known as the Grand Hotel. Al Bustan was acquired by former MP Emile Bustani in the late 1950s. Bustani died before the project could be completed, but his wife Lara, who he had initially courted at the Grand Hotel, finished the job in his honor in 1967.

Since then, three generations of the Bustani family have continued to manage the hotel, offering a landmark experience for residents and foreigners that want a respite in Beit Mery.

5. Deir el Oumara

Much like Mir Amin, Deir el Oumara was constructed by the illustrious Emir Bachir in 1827 to house his advisors in Deir el Qamar. The building then went on to serve as a boarding school until the 1950s. Since 2014 it has been transformed into a historic hotel that welcomes all types of guests to the splendor of Deir el Qamar.

6. Phoenicia

The Phoenicia Hotel is the icon of Lebanon’s golden age. Located in the heart of Beirut’s downtown area, the hotel has always been a symbol of Lebanon to the world, hosting everything from foreign dignitaries to spies to Hollywood celebrities during the pre-war period.The hotel was destroyed in the civil war, as it found itself at the centre of the historic Battle of Hotels but it reopened in 2000, renovated to fit into its new surroundings.

In an unfortunate turn, the hotel was forced to close again in 2020 after sustaining damage from the August 4 Blast. But once more, like the phoenix which it represents, it rose again in 2022 to bring back an unmatched combination of history and luxury to visitors from across the globe.