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Mia Arawi 31 Oct 2022

6 Family Friendly Activities In Beirut

As Vin Diesel has taught us, family is the most important thing. Here are 6 family friendly activities you can enjoy with your own flesh and blood (before resuming your usual shouting matches).

1. Roller Skating

Centro Mall Jnah’s roller skating rink will keep your kids entertained for hours, and you can even shop at the same time. Grab a bite to eat after for a complete day of family fun.

2. Painting

Art-En-Ciel’s painting activities will allow your kids to flex their creative muscles while having a fun and friendly time.

3. Bowling

A good round of bowling is the truest test of family bonds, who will win and come out on top? Here is a list of bowling spots around Lebanon.

4. Escape rooms

There are many escape rooms in Beirut to choose from, and if you want to give your kids a little scare, you can opt for a haunted escape room. Embark on a fun adventure, discover clues, and solve puzzles until you find your way out of the room! A good bonding experience (or not).

5. Museums

Beirut is filled with museums galore, and a little bit of cultural sightseeing can never go wrong. Here’s a nice list of some of the museums you can visit. If you’re looking for something a little more exciting, the Allo Beirut exhibition will allow you to give your kids a glimpse of the Beirut they missed (just be prepared for them to ask you what it was like to study under the tree).

6. Horsh Beirut

One of the last bastions of nature in the city, Horsh Beirut can be a home to a myriad of family friendly activities. Roller skating, skate boarding, picnicking, teaching a city kid what a tree is… We’re sure you’ll find something suitable for you.