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Bassel Obeid 10 Nov 2022

9 Lebanese Tropes We’re Bored Of

If you’ve lived in Lebanon for a minute or managed to consume any Lebanese media, you definitely encountered many of the country’s quirky tropes. Frankly, we’re quite bored of them, so this is our official plea to abolish these 9 Lebanese tropes.

1. Eslem-masi7iye coexistence

The church and mosque pictures TOGETHER? Done with that.

2. The Phoenix rising from the ashes

Maybe they don’t want to rise? Did you ever think of that?

3. Paris of the Middle East

Thankfully, this trope has kinda died. But it was revived as a “remember when Beirut was Paris of the Middle East” trope. Stfu, shokran.

4. The mighty Arze

A symbol of strength and unity that can survive and thrive in the harshest of circumstances…or maybe it’s just a tree.

5. We’re not like other Arabs

*Phoenicians have left the chat*

6. Woo they party through everything!

Do we actually though? Who were the people partying? Where? Are they in the room with us right now?

7. Resilience

Let’s just dump all the resilience tropes. We’re really not all that resilient w currently 3am nenhar 3ala azghar inconvenience.

8. Our entrepreneurial spirit

Lebanon is not blessed with a talented pool of genetically innate entrepreneurs, it’s mostly daddy’s kids and a few people who have worked extra hard.

9. Ski to beach in 30 minutes

The ultimate trope, the king of Lebanese tropes if you will. This one is also used ironically, but it’s still annoying.