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Mia Arawi 21 Dec 2022

12 Reasons To Be Jolly This Christmas

The holiday season is upon us, a time of cheer and joy for all. We love to soak in the spirit and vibes of the time, thus we’ve come up with 12 reasons you MUST be jolly this Christmas. Don’t let us catch you slacking!


All the time. Everywhere. Eternally.

2. It’s Christmas…

This list should just end here, the fact that you’re making me go on just shows how you’re a Christmas hater who does not appreciate how marvelous and wonderful and jolly and…

3. Lebanon won the World Cup

Didn’t you hear? Hassan Maatouk scored the winning penalty at Lusail Stadium to bring back the 2022 WC home to Lebanon

4. You get to be stuck in traffic!

Look at all the cozy community vibes enveloping Lebanon’s streets, only an icy heart would fail to appreciate this.

5. You get to buy people you hate gifts!
Work secret santa hits different.

6. You get to be blackmailed by your teta into stuffing yourself

Don’t wanna do it? Ignore those 5 men clad in black suits and balaclavas in the kitchen.

7. You get to see that one person who won’t be in any future holiday pics

A situationship that somehow made it to the dinner? A Christmas eve one night stand? No one knows.

8. The diaspora is back!

3anna b Canada Christmas mish hek abadan…

9. You get to smile when you get a disappointing gift

I’m used to it, dad.

10. You get the Stephanie Saliba story

A truly inspirational Christmas tale that will light up your Christmas tree as brightly as the jewels the people’s deposits bought.

11. You barely get any days off

Getting a whole week off from Christmas to New Year? That’s insane. The holiday spirit only applies when you wanna buy stuff ma tkhale mokhak yba3ed kteer okay?

12. You get to deal with your Grinchian friends

They’ll make sure you know, perhaps by writing multiple Beirut.com lists