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Bassel Obeid 21 Dec 2022

Stephanie Saliba Breaks Her Silence

In what is perhaps her best performance till date, Riad Salameh’s lover-turned-accomplice Stephanie Saliba finally broke her silence with an Instagram reel yesterday. Saliba was initially released then arrested last week upon her return to Lebanon from the Red Sea Film Festival in Saudi Arabia. After her arrest, Saliba shared some juicy details of her affair with the Central Bank governor, speaking of their love in first class. Finally confirming, what many had speculated for a while.

The reel is captioned “Thank you for all the SUPPORT 🙏🏻 #overwhelmed #stephaniesaliba.” In the video itself, Saliba begins by stating how she is a victim of injustice, but that she is facing this injustice with confidence and strength. Saliba states that her conscience is clear, and that she has nothing to be afraid of.

Saliba then addresses some of the rumors and statements that have come out since her investigation, denouncing the voices that are ‘trying to ruin my reputation and lying and slandering me.’ Saliba then goes on to say that she hasn’t replied to these voices, and won’t reply to them because time will eventually bring her justice.

Saliba finishes her video with a dramatic touch, stating that “7a2e ra7 yerja3 w el zolom ma bedoum.”

Saliba’s masterclass monologue really showcases the depth of dramatic talent at her disposal, and the levels of delusion in Lebanon’s upper class. Perhaps one day she can play the role of Mistress 1 in the horror-crime film chronicling Riad Salameh’s downfall.