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Labib Mansour 27 Dec 2022

Why December 28 Should Be An International Holiday

Welcome back to work everyone. Between the splendor of Christmas and the joy of the new year lies a few strange days. From December 26 to 30, the world returns to a normal, if a bit more seasonal, pace. For example, I have to come back here and think of content to write, but I can also get away with writing things such as “Why December 28 Should Be A National Holiday.” But what if we didn’t have to do that?

Today, in front of the honorable Beirut.com readership, I have come to make the case for why December should be a global holiday. Under this proposal, the end of year calendar will now come to look like this:

December 24 – Christmas Eve (No work)
December 25 – Christmas (No work)
December 26 – Christmas 2 (No work)
December 27 – Link Day (No work)
December 28 – New International Holiday (No work)
December 29 – Link Day (No work)
December 30 – Pre-New Year (No work)
December 31 – New Year’s Eve (No work)
January 1 – New Year’s Day (No work)
January 2 – Armenian New Year (No work)

So some of you will now be obviously thinking why? Why should December 28 be a holiday? First of all, grow up and I hate you and you’re the reason nothing is fun in the world. Second of all, vibes. Third of all, here is a list of random events I got off the wikipedia page for December 28:

– In 418, it saw the election of Pope Boniface I (funny name)
– In 1836, Spain recognized the independence of Mexico (politics)
– In 1895, William Röntgen published a paper discovering what would come to be known as x-rays (science)
– In 1931, it was birthday of Guy Debord (pretentious)
– In 1972, in the US it was declared a national day of mourning after the death of President Harry S. Truman (nuclear war criminal).

I can see that most of you are convinced by now but I will not rest my case just yet. Let us debunk some arguments against the International Holiday of December 28. Argument: productivity bla bla. Counter-argument: no. Argument: we need to run essential services, people will die! Counter-argument: no. Argument: December 28 does not exist. Counter-argument: hmm.

I humbly present this proposal for the assembled council’s consumption. #December28InternationalHoliday