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William Daou 30 Dec 2022

Phrases to Get You Through Awkward New Year Conversations

New year, new me? Not always. Sometimes we’re just floating through time and space with no discernable goal or ambition, and that’s okay. But, we all have Lebanese families and don’t have the time or energy to explain these complex concepts to them, so here’s a list of vague cliched phrases to get you through the season.

On Life

– Eh bta3ref hek w hek kelna 3aysheen
– Eh el wade3 bel balad kteer… (trail off and force them to fill in the blank)
– 2adamna 3a hal passport/visa kelo 3a allah
– Kel sene kher
– Meshe el 7al
– Shefet ade el dollar lyom (distraction)

On Education

– Eh ana al awal bel saf (to grandparents, they can’t check)
– Eh ana al tene bel saf (to uncles, believable so they won’t check)
– El jem3a kteer mnee7a w awiye 3am et3alam kteer (lol)
– 3am fakker adem 3a shi master’s/doctora barra senet el jeye bas badde hal passport
– 3am o2ra 3an el iktisad (let them share all their conspiracy theories)

On Work

– Eh 3am nesteghel eshya kteer mohome w mofeede (ok consultant)
– Eh 3touna hala2 raise w bonus 3a ekher el sene (lol)
– Eh 3am eshteghal men el beit (even if you’re not, they can’t know it’s full proof)
– Wade3 el balad sa3eb bas allah masheha

On Love

– Ma ba3ref hek w hek
– Eh fi ma fi bta3ref 7asab el nhar
– Keefa martak? (to your divorced uncle)

On Health

– 3am fakker etsajal b shi gym (NOT TO YOUR PERSONAL TRAINER HUSTLER COUSIN)
– Badde a3mel fa7es dam
– Badde seer etsaba7/erkod/or2os/yoga kel jom3a (lol)
– El riyada moheme 3anjad