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Labib Mansour 03 Feb 2023

If Mad Men Was Set In Beirut

After we showed you what shows like The Sopranos and Succession would look like if they were set in Beirut, it’s time to look at another hit from the golden age of TV. A show set in the 1960s + Lebanon = match made in heaven. What would Mad Men look like if it moved away from the shiny halls of Madison Avenue and made its way to the golden streets of 1960s Beirut? We’re here to tell you.

1. Don Draper

– Lives in Monot
– Responsible for the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism campaigns
– Stole someone’s identity during the 1958 crisis
– Beirut’s biggest slut
– Dies in 1974

2. Peggy Olson

– Lives in Kraytem
– Supports Gamal Abdel Nasser
– Popular in Beirut’s 60s alt scene
– Beirut College For Women Graduate
– Left Beirut for the US during the Civil War

3. Pete Campbell

– Lives in Talet el Khayat
– USJ Graduate
– Big supporter of Fouad Chehab
– Eventually becomes a junior minister during a civil war government

4. Joan Holloway

– Lives in Hamra
– Big fan of Sabah
– Has been jetted around the world by numerous lovers
– Marries a member of the PLO

5. Betty

– Lives in Dbayeh
– Was part of MEA’s cabin crew before getting married
– Was still having sobhiyet during the civil war

6. Roger Sterling

– Lives in Tabaris
– Served with the French in World War II
– Second biggest slut in Beirut
– Involved in arms and drug trade during the civil war