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Elise Daoud 05 Feb 2023

The Best Way To Make The Most Of Your Sunday In Beirut

Before you welcome another hectic week at work, you should make the most of whatever is left of your weekend. There are so many ways to spend a wonderful Sunday in Beirut, and we compiled a few ideas for you and your loved ones!

1. Have a delicious Lebanese breakfast at Sawani Falfoul in Badaro

Photo: bestkindofhigh on Instagram

Foul mdammas, hummus bil tahina, bayd bil awarma, and much more. The authentic Lebanese breakfast beats any other cuisine with its filling dishes and unique flavors.

2. Visit one of these wonderful Beirut spots for a dose of nostalgia

From the iconic “Al Ba3sa” building in Manara to the beautiful Rose House in Ras Beirut, there are so many historic spots that are worth revisiting.

3. Sing along to some Sunday karaoke at Le Boudoir

Karaoke is even more exciting when you’re singing your favorite songs with your favorite people. Nibble on some appetizers, sip on your go-to cocktail, and don’t miss a beat.

4. Devour a kickass burger from Lody’s

This Mar Mikhael spot will blow you away with their mouthwatering burgers. You can try their iconic Double N Triple if you’re feeling extra hungry, or stick to the classic choice: Lody’s Burger.

5. Catch a play at Le Monnot Theater

The play “Ward and Yasmine” is now playing at Le Monnot Theater every Thursday to Sunday at 7:30pm until February 26th. You can book your ticket through Antoine or WhatsApp 81-218174.

6. Spend the night at Kissproof sipping cocktails and devouring their famous cheeseburger

We believe that their Royale cheeseburger is one of the most delicious burgers in Beirut (and perhaps even in Lebanon). You be the judge!

7. Snap some shots of cool-looking chairs that were abandoned in Beirut and send them over to this amazing page

Chairs of Beirut uploads submissions from people who spot some chairs that tell an interesting story. This is a fun and interesting way to tour the city!

8. Try a tortilla-wrapped shawarma from Delish

This spot has won the hearts of many shawarma lovers, and we can see why. Their sandwiches are a good way to fuel up and keep your energy high for the rest of your Sunday.

Here are 5 other shawarma joints you need to try in Beirut.

9. End the day on a good note with a delicious croissant roll from Cannelle

Photo: foody_boss on Instagram

Croissant lovers, the croissant rolls from Cannelle will become your favorite sweet treat. The crunchy toppings and creamy fillings are too dreamy to miss.