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Elise Daoud 09 Feb 2023

The 6 Types Of Lebanese People During Days Off

If there’s one good thing about being Lebanese, it’s the healthy dose of national holidays sprinkled throughout the year. But this abundance has also come with some easy-to-spot tropes, thus here is the definitive guide of the 6 specific types of people that emerge on a Lebanese holiday.

1. The Sleeper

Also known as: the restful, the dreamer, the exhausted.

– They wake up at 1:00 PM, take a nap at 4:00 PM, and go to sleep at 10:00 PM
– Their only day activities are binging a show, playing a video game, and scrolling through social media.
– They have a cat joining them in all these activities.
– They still wake up tired the next day.
– Sworn enemy: yalli b fee2 ma3 l djejet

2. The This Is The Day I Finally Do Everything-er

Also known as: the manic, the behind, and the mother.

– They wake up at 8:00 AM and go to sleep at 1:00 AM, no rest.
– They have an endless list of chores to get through, such as cleaning out the closet, rearranging the shelf, and vacuuming.
– They disturb the house sleeper, their longtime nemesis.
– They will complain keef the day 2ata3 bser3a at 11:00 PM.

3. The This Is The Day I Finally Do Everything-er *but romanticized*

Also known as: the romanticizer, the artist, and the pretentious

– They wake up at 9:00 AM and go to sleep at 4:00 AM.
– Day’s activities include: writing, reading, painting, baking, all at once.
– They still manage to spend the majority of their time on social media.
– They post stories of the sunset/rain/storm/clouds la2anno mesh kel l sha3b l lebnene tahet nafs l sama

4. The Explorer

– They wake up at 6:00 AM and go to sleep at 10:00 PM.
– They have a full day’s activities planned in Batroun/Baalbek/Tripoli/Tyre/Zahle/wherever
– They only visit tourist traps
– They take way too many pictures and are sore by the end of the day
– They will need to open Instagram to actually remember what they did throughout the day.

5. The How Do I Make This Day Never End-er

– They wake up at 10:00 AM
– They write articles about how we should have many more holidays please, twice.
– They alternate between being the sleeper and the romanticiser

6. The Exploited

– They have work, either because their boss sucks or they work for a foreign company.
– They still plan to have a semi-holiday but just end up working even more
– They swear that next holiday it won’t be like this (it will)
– They question all their life choices in the only moment of peace they have at 11:00 PM.