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William Daou 13 Feb 2023

12 Very Normal Things That Blew Every Lebanese Child’s Mind

There are so many things that blew our young minds when we were younger. We’re going to be unlocking some major childhood memories that will make you laugh, cry, or both.

We hope this bit of nostalgia will make your day at least 99% better.

1. Whistling with this cool AF lollipop

Honestly, we’d still buy these as adults.

2. Trying to figure out how the moon was following your car around

And your parents’ only response was “ma byelha2na bas b bayen hek”, which confused you even more because you still didn’t have a grasp of basic physics.

3. Managing to make an empty Bonjus pop VERY loudly after stepping on it

One thing we loved more than eating a zaatar manouche with Bonjus was finishing it so we can see who can make it pop the loudest.

4. Finding out Santa Claus is actually khalo Nabil and not the REAL Santa Claus

You always found it suspicious how you never found them in the same room together.

5. And figuring out that Abo Kees isn’t real either

All those threats and childhood trauma for nothing?

6. Convincing your parents that you fell asleep on the car ride back so they can carry you home

It took absolute skill not to smile by mistake when your parents go like “yi ghefe/t” before picking you up and carrying you to bed. Where is our Oscar?

7. Hearing your grandparents’ “nehna 3a ayemna” story for the first time

We don’t even remember the first time we heard the “ayem l harb” stories but we’re sure we were absolutely mind blown.

8. Zooming through the aisles in Spinneys on the trolley your mom trusted you with

Being trusted with the trolley is an honorable task. But managing to maneuver through the entire aisle without having to stop? Iconic.

9. And being allowed to buy your favorite cereal

Monoprix/TSC trips were the best.

10. Thinking your parents were absolute geniuses because they knew the meaning of every complicated Arabic word

Kudos to our parents for sitting through hours of teaching us 2e3rab and other complicated Arabic grammar rules we still don’t understand.

11. Being amazed by the size of the giant clock in Downtown

And your mom had to take your picture next to it every single visit.

12. And buying animal-shaped balloons that deflated by the time you got home

And if it didn’t deflate, you accidentally let it go and watched it disappear into space. RIP blue dolphin balloon.