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Elise Daoud 13 Feb 2023

13 Surefire Ways To Piss Off Your Entire Lebanese Family

We’ve shown you how to piss of your Lebanese dad and your Lebanese mom before, but what if you wanted to just get it all done in a single swoop and piss off your entire Lebanese family? Don’t worry, we have your backs. These methods are 100% guaranteed.

1. DON’T share every single random detail of your life

What were you doing on Wednesday at 7:21 PM at the McDonalds in Badaro?

2. Have opinions

How dare you have a mind and think and then ARTICULATE these thoughts OUT LOUD to us?!

3. Spend money

Lek lek keef byosrofo, 3anjad keef hek sayreen.

4. Save money

Lek lek shu bokhala, 3anjad keef hek tal3een.

5. Sit

Jalso daharkon!

6. Stand

O23od leh we2ef tfadal tfadal.

7. Date

Wallah 3a eyemna kenna hala2 jeybeen wled w mbalsheen 3ayle mish a3deen 3am nel3ab.

8. Not date

Ya hala2 bet3anse shu badek ta3mle?!

9. Drive

Ntebeho sheyfeen keef el tor2at barra, ou3a tserla shi el siyara.

10. Not drive

Ya hala2 badde rou7 jeebkon w ekhedkon w obrom w sof w…

11. Eat

Nas7aneen shway eh?

12. Not Eat

Fiye shouf 3damkon!

13. After all that, try to be independent

You hate us and want nothing to do with us? 🙁