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Bassel Obeid 17 Feb 2023

Had A Long Week? It’s Time To Try This Kaak Burger In Beirut

Yes, we’re sick of cheese-covered burgers and other odd creations. It’s time to go back to the basics. And by basics, we mean kaak.

Known for their iconic kaaket pepperoni pizza, Kaak Station is always serving up our favorite foods with a kaak twist. Cheesy pizzas, fajita sandwiches, and burgers…yes, burgers!

Photo: saab_cravings on Instagram

Burger and kaak lovers will be delighted to try their take on succulent burgers. Their classic option includes a double beef patty, cheddar, tomato, lettuce, pickles, and cocktail sauce. You can also opt for the spicy option, which features jalapenos and chili sauce.

Photo: south.to.north on Instagram

No one is left behind or hungry at Kaak Station because they also serve impeccable sandwiches for our sandwich lovers. From saucy fajitas to cheesy chicken pesto to classic Francisco, you’ll find everything your belly desires at this spot.

Photo: crunchyy_bitee on Instagram

Photo: saab_cravings on Instagram

Yalla, meen 3ezemna?

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