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William Daou 17 Feb 2023

We Let A Lebanese Cat Write An Article

Hello! I am a cat. I live in this country you call Lebanon. In cat world, there are no borders but I guess you are not as advanced. I would like to thank Beirut.com for allowing me to write this. Here is my list of grievances.

I and my comrades in the Feline Liberation Front (FLF) have deep messages to shdajsfjaofwprow. Sorry, I fell asleep. Wet food, wen el wet food? Leh dayman badde es2al?

What was I saying? I need to run around the hallway and play with my ball. I need to go to my litter. I need to eat again. Leave me alone. Michel Aoun?

Why does big cat society always be so loud? Cars wake me up all the time. Leh dayman 7ada 3am b3ayet? Loud noises all the time. Shu hayda el pa pa pa pa pa kel shway? Why the man on TV never have fur? Why is that woman so loud? Ana Haifa.

They tell me my food is getting expensive? La meen 3am tedfa3o, meen 3am yekol aklete? The society you are running is very bad, you need enlightened assistance. How have you let it become like this? Nafes el shakhes, nafes el ma7al, 30 sene, leh? I don’t sleep in the same place two times in a row because safety.


1. Abolish borders and states
2. Seize the means of production and put in the hands of the common collective.
3. Put all politicians, big business shareholders, landowners, and dogs in re-education camps.
4. Make president a cat.
5. Wet food for all, all the time, for free.
6. Re-arrange food production systems to minimize exploitation of animals and nature, except dogs.
7. End the commodification of all living bodies.
8. Abolish private property, all lands should be open for zoomies.
9. No seriously, someone needs to deal with the dogs

Ade el dollar lyom?