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Elise Daoud 21 Feb 2023

15 Places Around Beirut For A Change In Scenery

Beirut is filled with beautiful spots that will make you forget that you’re in the heart of the city, so we thought we’d guide you through a list of 15 wonderful places around Beirut to change things up a bit.

1. Al Makan, Mar Elias

A beautiful community space in Mar Elias that boasts a secret garden café that will sweep you off your feet. Combined with their many cultural events and community-building activities, this spot is perfect for you and your friends to take a breather and connect with the locals.

2. Bayt Em Nazih, Hamra

Bayt Em Nazih is a place to enjoy your favorite Lebanese dishes. You’ll feel right at home in their welcoming and cozy seating as you devour delicious kibbeh bites and perfectly wrapped wara2 3enab. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy some alone time or even catch up with old friends, look no further than Bayt Em Nazih.

3. Brazzaville, Jisr el Wati

Photo: havanaclub_pro on Instagram

Brazzaville is often applauded for its feel-good vibes, great music, and refreshing drinks. The spacious spot will quickly become a favorite for those who enjoy chilled out evenings with their pals, accompanied by expertly crafted cocktails. The atmosphere at Brazzaville will make up for any bad day, week, or even month.

4. The Beazbee, Clemenceau

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A lovely bistro that will find its way into your heart with a bite of their delectable mango tarts and pecan pie. Everything is made with love at The Beazbee, from the freshly made pastries to the delicious coffee. This stylish yet laidback spot might just be your new go-to for casual mornings out with your friends.

5. Hotel Albergo, Achrafieh

If you’re looking to treat yourself with a more elevated outing, Hotel Albergo is an excellent choice for a luxurious escape. Equipped with a café, terrace, and restaurant, this destination will make any boring day all the more enjoyable with its gorgeous interiors and delicious food.

6. Beit Kanz, Sursock

Celebrating all things Lebanese, from mouneh by local producers and marvelous furniture by talented Lebanese artisans. This Beiruti house will give you a much needed taste of Lebanon, bringing pieces of our heritage to one place.

7. Dar El Wardieh, Hamra

A laidback destination to ease your nerves after a hectic day. Artists will particularly love this spot, where they can recharge their creativity with a colorful brunch. The café bistro truly is a home away from home, and if you ever find yourself wanting to distract yourself from the chaotic city life without leaving the city, Dar El Wardieh will be your safe haven.

8. Shababik Garden, Sodeco

Photo: worldwide.cafe on Instagram

Shababik Garden is all about good music, backgammon, and a cozy seating. A spot worth enjoying mid-day when the sun is hitting just right, you and your friends can enjoy a traditional Lebanese meal over a friendly game of “tawle” with live music playing in the background.

9. Blue House Tea Garden, Gemmayze

Coffee connoisseurs, you may want to consider switching things up with an organic blend of tea from Blue House Tea. Paired with their beautiful garden, the act of enjoying a few sips of flavored tea has been transformed into a unique experience. Their colorful brunch is also worth a try because just one look at their platters will give you a boost of serotonin.

11. L’Appartement, Achrafieh

Photo: lebanon_explorer on Instagram

L’appartement will be your go-to on days where you want to spend some time with your close friends. The spacious bistro and garden offers a serene escape in the heart of Achrafieh, serving memorable wine blends and light bites to complete your evening.

12. Union Marks, Bourj Hammoud

The cocktails at Union Marks are enough of a reason to come back but we’re here for their amazing green space. Spacious, welcoming, and perfect for get-togethers, a visit to Union Marks is a good way to change up your routine. You’ll forget all the weight on your shoulders with just a sip of their house cocktails.

13. BEYt Garden Café, Mar Mikhael

A green cultural space in the heart of Mar Mikhael, BEYt values reconnecting to your roots. This spot displays products by local artisans, enjoys impeccable brunch, lunch, and dinner menus, and offers a perfect outdoor space to relax and recharge.

14. Kalei Coffee Co., Ras Beirut

Kalei Coffee Co. will remind you exactly why you love Beirut. The charming garden café combines everything we love: good coffee, amazing company (aka the adorable cats of Kalei), and a comfortable seating that is perfect for when you want a chill morning or when you’re looking for some peace and quiet to be a little productive.

15. Salon Beyrouth, Gemmayze

Delicious bites, cocktails, and jazz nights are a good way to spice up a dull week, and Salon Beyrouth will not disappoint. This chic spot combines the charm of the jazz era with its refined quality of food and drinks to complete the experience.