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Melissa Sleiman 01 Mar 2023

9 Natural Spots To Visit This Month In Lebanon

We’re welcoming the month of March with warmer temperatures and lots of sunshine, so now we can finally visit Lebanon’s most beautiful natural gems.

Check out these 9 beautiful destinations!

1. Shallalat Nabeh Merched, Chouf

Every Lebanese foodie’s dream: devouring delectable batata harra, sambousek, tabbouleh, and lame nayye with a cold glass of Arak and the sound of a glorious waterfall.

2. GreenHouse Café and Bar, Batorun

Feast your eyes on this green space, filled to the brim with beautiful potted plants. Known for being a lively spot with an even livelier crowd, GreenHouse enjoys a killer sunset view and the perfect ambiance to mix, mingle, and dance.

3. Biomass Restaurant, Jrabta

Biomass Restaurant is the ideal family destination, where you can set up a picnic under the sun and enjoy the yummiest homemade dishes from their buffet. This spot serves you a taste of Lebanon, as all their dishes are prepared with local products.

4. Beyt El Jabal, Deir El Qamar

A gorgeous retreat in the heart of Deir El Qamar that will reconnect you to nature. You can soak up the sun on their outdoor terrace with a book in one hand and refreshing drink in the other.

5. Mayouli, Batroun

A beloved eco-touristic destination that offers an authentic taste of Batroun. This escape is centered on all things local, from its produce to the artisanal creations in their boutique. Stop by to enjoy a wood fired pizza in their charming garden.

6. Sufra, Barelias

This old farmhouse was revamped into a Lebanese restaurant with a valley-flavored menu. Those who are seeking an escape from the city and end up at Sufra will find it very difficult to leave.

7. Glamping, Maghdoucheh

A glamorous escape that guarantees a relaxing and therapeutic experience in nature, equipped with luxurious cabins and tents where you can spend quality time with your loved ones.

8. Rasmaska Gardens, Rasmaska

Treat yourself to a well-deserved day to relax at this stunning spot in Rasmaska. Whether you’ve planned a picnic with your friends or simply wish to stroll through the gardens and sift through their organic produce.

9. Crop, Koura

Crop is a farm-to-table restaurant up North, known for its delicious food, perfect wine blends, and gorgeous outdoor seating. And even if you decide to enjoy your meal indoors, their space is filled with natural light, so you won’t have to miss out on seeing blue skies.