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Mia Arawi 10 Mar 2023

10 Lebanese Ways To Procrastinate Your Work

Honestly, if there is one universal trait on this Earth, it’s probably the modern day love story with procrastination. But this universality can also have some local specificity, and here are some of the most Lebanese ways you can procrastinate.

1. Today, I have a deep sense of dread

And I cannot do anything but sit. I hope you understand.

2. I will take a 10 minute break each and every time the exchange rate changes

3. Tomorrow has to be some sort of national holiday, right?

The High day for the birth of the ascension of the fitr fr, or one of these amazing new holidays.

4. I’ll finish that task by the time they elect a president


5. Yi lezem enzal 3ale el se3a

Oh let me just turn the azan up again, oh no I have to go back down, let’s microwave some water, oh no lezem enzal again!

6. Hi jeddo, khaberne 3an…

That’s gonna take up at least 4 hours.

7. Let me go read the Wikipedia page for the Lebanese Civil War again

Wait, only I do that?

8. I’m going to get into a twitter argument with some Phoenicians on Twitter today

9. Actually, I don’t want to look at a screen, time for a passive-aggressive war with my Lebanese parents

Don’t you dare expect any apologies.

10. I wonder what’s on Beirut.com

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