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Labib Mansour 14 Mar 2023

11 Memories We All Have From 1,500 Times

As the Lira-USD exchange rate hits 100,000, the world seems pretty volatile and scary. During these tough times, what could be better than some fuzzy nostalgia and weird half-facts that were never universal but make us feel like the world was actually nice and calm.

1. You could actually walk into a place and know how much you’ll end up paying

Every place was ripping us off, but at least it was predictable.

2. You could walk out of the house without a wallet

Just slip a 20,000 bill into your pocket and go about your day.

3. Tejgeel inflation was lower

Now having 10,000,0000 Lira stuffed into your tiny wallet is just a normal $100 tosreefe, and using just pure $ doesn’t stack as nicely. We hope men figure out a solution soon.

4. Much less math!

You can’t expect people to know how to divide and multiply numbers at 86 or 93 or 97k, please someone be reasonable, we can’t let the math teachers win.

5. You could buy things without instant regret

Get myself a gift? At these prices? Self care can wait.

6. Fuel prices were normal

They’d increase or decrease slightly every few weeks, but really we did not think about them much, and that’s all that matters.

7. The 100,000 bill was a rare sight

Has anyone stopped to look at this thing? What the fuck are those things in the middle? Shish shawarma?

8. Riad Salameh was set to be the next president

With his steady hand over the economy, who wouldn’t want such an honorable and trustworthy figure in power.

9. We didn’t have to deal with smug Dan Azzi

10. We didn’t need to traverse exchange rate maze

And this is without all the new exchange rates we suggested.

11. We didn’t have to hear people reminisce about 1,500 times

To see yourself become your parent can be quite distressing, our condolences to all.