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Elise Daoud 20 Mar 2023

These 6 Spots In Beirut Will Give You The Serotonin Boost You Need

It’s Monday again and the only thing that can get us through the day is a much-needed boost of serotonin. These wonderful spots in Beirut will give you more than what you bargained for in the best way possible.

1. Jai, Hamra

Beirut’s most beloved Asian hotspot, serving up dishes with Thai, Chinese, and Indian influences. Jai never disappoints with an impressive variety of dishes that enjoy an abundance of flavors that will have any foodie weak. We’re sure emotionally eating their rich butter chicken and mouthwatering pad thai will be the highlight of your day/week/month.

2. The Slow, Mar Mikhael

A cultural spot that is all about specialty coffee, clean eating, and having a relaxing time. The simple décor and soft color scheme make The Slow the perfect spot to recharge, especially with their yummy protein-packed pancakes and breakfast bowls. If that doesn’t cheer you up, you’re bound to run into a furry friend that will appreciate a few belly rubs.

3. The Wine Haven, Saifi

Has your day gotten off to a rocky start? The Wine Haven has some of the finest selections of international and local wine blends that you can savor with good company. Located in Saifi, their goal is to make your day 99% better with a perfect glass of wine.

4. Kawaii, Monot

How can you look at a fluffy Japanese cheesecake and not feel an immediate boost of serotonin? A dessert dish that smiles back, the pastries at Kawaii are just too cute to eat. Topped with honey, strawberries, and whipped cream, you’ll find it impossible to resist this cheerful treat.

5. Neighbourhood, Gemmayze

A Gemmayze spot that lights up the street with its pops of color, neon signs, and smell of freshly brewed coffee. The ideal destination for when you want to catch up with a close friend over coffee (or wine) or effortlessly meet new people by bonding over their delicious pistachio rose water cake.

6. Cluster 001, Mar Mikhael

This green space will be your refuge in the bustling city, filled with potted plants and high-quality organic products. Cluster 001 is the perfect home away from home, cooking up organic and seasonal bites to go with your morning cup of coffee. You will also find shelves of secondhand books, artisanal homeware, and notebooks made by Lebanese artisans.