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Sarah Tarhini 28 Mar 2023

Do You Remember These Iconic Ramadan Songs?

After discovering the voice behind the Kassatly Chtaura song, we were inspired to go on a deep-dive into the iconic melodies and tunes that have long shaped the Ramadan experience. Do you remember any of these classics?

1. Ramadan el Sana Di

2. Eftart w ana Sa2em

3. 3allou el Bayarek

4. Ahla Ramadan Ya Shaher el E7san

5. Marhab Marhab Ya Hilal

6. Snou7i Opening Theme

7. Fulla

8. Ramadan Falfoul

9. Ahlan Ya Shaher El Ghofran

10. Ahlan Ahlan Ya Ramadan

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