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Bassel Obeid 04 Apr 2023

7 Things In Beirut That Will Help You Get Over Your Toxic Ex

Yes, we know we’re written 9 Ways Beirut Won’t Let You Get Over Your Ex, but there are a few experiences in Beirut that will remind you exactly why they’re your ex.

These 7 things in Beirut are going to help you get over your toxic ex (with a 99% success rate).

1. Watching couples feed each other pasta at Mamma In Cucina

Really just trying to enjoy my ravioli. The takeaway: avoid Italian spots because somehow people associate romance with sharing pasta noodles.

2. Chatting up random strangers at Dragonfly

Did you know some of the coolest people hang out at Dragonfly? Time to bond over exceptional drinks and feel-good vibes.

3. Falling in love with the Double Beirut Burger from Street Bun

Street Bun is known for serving some of the juiciest beef burgers ever. Topped off with their secret sauce, their burgers will have you doing a happy dance with your food baby when you’re done.

4. Taking a service ride and asking the driver for advice

Well, you’re not really going to be asking. They’ll be sharing their knowledge and years of wisdom with you whether you like it or not. You might as well take the opportunity to ask for advice about your love life. Here are 12 Conversations You Have With Taxi Drivers In Lebanon.

5. Trying to have a peaceful stroll in Hamra (or literally any other street in Beirut) but it gets disrupted by an angry couple driving by

Not sure why you guys were screaming your heads off, but thanks for reminding me why I should be thankful that I’m single.

6. Having a main character moment at Praliné

A Parisian dream in the heart of Beirut, you can dress nice and enjoy aesthetically pleasing coffee and pastries while pretending you’re some big shot.

7. Visiting 30+ year old sandwich joints because the only thing permanent in your life is your love for shawarma

Sometimes, all you need is a late-night trip to Barbar or Basterma Mano or Jabbour to clear your head and fill your belly.