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Beirut.com 04 Apr 2023

These 14 Spots Around Lebanon Scream Spring

We’re praying that this indecisive weather isn’t in a winter mood by next week, so let’s visit these amazing spots around Lebanon that are meant to be enjoyed during spring!

1. Beit El Qamar, Deir El Qamar

Beautiful trees, a fresh breeze, and marvelous landscapes to accompany you as you eat indulgent Lebanese dishes. This hidden gem is as peaceful as it gets, making it the perfect place to spend time with family or even treat yourself to lunch.

2. The Bevview, Baskinta

The Bevview has one of the best views in town, especially during sunset. An amazing date idea for you and your boo to remember.

3. Shallalat Nabeh Merched, Moukhtara Al Chouf

Lebanese mezza, the sound of running water, and cold arak, Shallalat Nabeh Merched is the perfect family destination, especially in this weather!

4. Lavender Getaway, Kfar Qatra

If you ever find yourself in Kfar Qatra, then head straight to Lavender Getaway. The positive vibes and gorgeous views will solve 99% of your problems.

5. Keif, Jezzine

Once an apple orchard that was transformed into a lovely farmhouse restaurant, Keif is one of the most colorful spots that will quickly earn a spot in your heart.

6. Jalset Wared, Yahchouch

Having a yummy Lebanese lunch with an amazing view while surrounded by beds of roses? Count us in.

7. Z O Y A, Saida

Known as a garden of happiness in Saida, Z O Y A is a lively spot that is worth the visit. Every time you decide to visit Saida, this beloved gem will be the first spot that will come to mind.

8. Kahwet Jeddo La Melhem, Kfarmatta

After a long hike through Kfarmatta’s gorgeous hiking trails, make sure to stop at this amazing restaurant serving authentic Lebanese dishes.

9. Tawlet Ammiq, Bekaa

If you’ve never been to Tawlet Ammiq, then your visit to the beautiful region was missing a true taste of Bekaa.

10. Jalset Al Erzal, Herjel

Yet another authentic Lebanese restaurant that should be on your bucket list. Keep Jalset Al Erzal in mind for your next Sunday family gathering!

11. Sufra, Barelias

An old farmhouse revamped into a Lebanese restaurant, this gem is a breath of fresh air if you’ve had a hectic week at work.

12. Little Reed, Qsaybeh

Little Reed is your home away from home. As soon as you step in, you’ll feel like you’re at your grandparents’ house bel day3a.

13. La Télégraphe De Belle-Vue, Bhamdoun

An amazing spot serving impeccable dishes and exquisite wine. Your visit will include mountain air, brilliant views of the sea and surrounding valleys, and the relaxed luxury you’ve been craving.

14. Al Ferdaws, Ehden

Kebbeh anyone? Al Ferdaws is the perfect spot for some kebbeh, arak, and chill with an insane view.