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Bassel Obeid 15 Apr 2023

Here’s How Much A Chicken Shawarma Costs At These 11 Spots

Since we already showed you how much a falafel sandwich costs, it’s time to move on to the superior sandwich (don’t cancel us).

We called up 11 iconic shawarma joints and asked them how much they’re pricing their chicken shawarma. Here’s what they were going for.

1. Basterma Mano, Bourj Hammoud

Price: 360,000LBP

2. Restaurant Joseph, Sin El Fil

Price: 500,000LBP

3. Barbar, Hamra

Price: 480,000LBP

4. Makhlouf, Dora

Price: 400,000LBP

5. El Estez, multiple branches

Price for small: 330,000LBP
Price for medium: 420,000LBP
Price for large: 550,000LBP

6. Jabbour, Dora

Price: 400,000LBP

7. Spiced and Spliced, multiple branches

Price for small: 147,000LBP
Price for large: 396,000LBP

8. Basterma Bedo, Bourj Hammoud

Price for small: 295,000LBP
Price for large: 350,000LBP

9. Hawa Chicken, multiple branches

Price: 239,000LBP

10. Diwan Al Hashem, Zalka & Kfardebian

Price: 400,000LBP

11. Abou Abdo, Mansourieh

Price: 290,000LBP