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William Daou 02 May 2023

8 Dessert Shops In Beirut To Help You Cope With The Upcoming Week

Anyone else need something chocolate-y and sugar coated to help them make it through a rough week? Now that we no longer have the luxury of four consecutive 3+ day weekends, we need a little pick me up to keep us going.

Here are 8 dessert shops you’ll find around Beirut that will help you cope with the upcoming week.

1. The English Teacher, Saifi

Specializing in all things sweet, The English Teacher in the heart of Saifi Village is a bake and dessert shop with some of the yummiest sugary treats you’ll ever bite into. Their specialized pastries and unique sweets are for those with a refined sweet tooth, and you’ll love this spot a lot more if you love fruits in your desserts.

2. Cannelle, Verdun & Tabaris

Home to talented pastry chefs and chocolatiers, Cannelle is known for its high-quality treats, and a bite of what they have to offer will send you to heaven and back. They’re especially known for their impeccable croissant rolls, which are crunchy and flaky on the outside but sweet and creamy on the inside!

3. Des Choux Et Des Idees, Achrafieh

If you want a spot that will never fail to impress you with their creations, Des Choux Et Des Idees bakes the yummiest pastries with a whole lot of passion, love, and years of expertise. From bite-sized tartes to classic madeleines, this spot has it all down to a T—from the flavors to the presentation.

4. Le Flocon, Achrafieh

Ice cream lovers, we haven’t forgotten about you. Le Flocon is one of the most beloved ice cream stops in the city because of how they turned ice cream making into an art form. Have you tried their Mafroukeh glacée? How about the brioche perdu?

5. Praliné, Hamra

One of Beirut’s most recent additions, Praliné has already made a name for itself with its adorable desserts and pastries. Apart from the iconic rose and knefeh croissants, each of their tartes and cakes are worth your while.

6. Hanson Doughnuts, Badaro

Pain perdu lovers probably know this dessert shop very well because of the iconic pain perdu doughnut on their menu. This spot specializes in handcrafting the most elegant and filling doughnuts with unique flavors that you won’t find anywhere else.

7. Neo Gourmet, Achrafieh

Cakes, cookies, and coffee—the three Cs that make up a perfect morning. This Achrafieh gem is perfect for the early birds who love starting their morning off with something sweet and balancing it out with strong coffee. Of course, don’t miss a chance to try their selection of freshly baked sweet breads before heading out!

8. The Beazbee Bakery, Clemenceau

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While The Beazbee is a bistro in Clemenceau, we believe their bakery deserves a mention. Their cakes and fresh bakes will keep you coming back for more, whether it’s their colorful macrons or their sweet cinnamon rolls. They have the perfect dessert to wrap up your visit after enjoying lunch at their bistro.