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Bassel Obeid 10 May 2023

5 Talented Lebanese Solo Artists To Put On Your Radar

Music lovers, there are so many local Lebanese artists that have so much to offer. Their amazing vocals and mesmerizing tunes will have you seeking them out on their next gig or newest release. Here are 5 talented Lebanese solo artists to put on your radar.

1. Roxane

You might know her as the voice behind the jallab song, but we know Roxanne for “unfuckwithable”, “Hezzi”, and insane creative verses she wrote for trending songs that made her go viral on TikTok. This powerhouse of an artist brings everything to the table: crazy good vocals and a whole lot of energy.

2. paō

Oh, sorry we couldn’t quite hear you over paō’s “Fair Weather” playing in the background. This catchy tune will give you a glimpse of what this artist is all about with his feel-good vibes. If you’re looking to bob your head to some soothing tunes, you need this artist on your playlist.

3. Nurzy

Initially going viral for her magical way of transforming Arabic tunes into trendy songs, Nurzy is making heads turn after teasing her debut EP “Safrit Beirut”. This nostalgic tune speaks to the Lebanese living abroad and looking forward to their return home, a heart wrenching yet powerful song that will be released on May 18, 2023!

4. Chadow

Writing and producing his own music, Chadow is an up-and-coming artist worth keeping a close eye on. Taking “write what you feel” to a whole new level, his original pieces are quite the spectacles when it comes to evoking certain emotions. And beware, Chadow is lurking…

5. Farah Skaf

Farah graces the stage of every gig with amazing presence, and even that will not prepare you for the impressive vocals and energy that she brings. She will charm you with her love for music. Make sure to stream her latest release “Habibi Faker”.