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Sarah Tarhini 11 May 2023

These Chouf Mountain Escapes Will Charm You To No End

There are so many exciting things to do in the heart of Chouf, a region full of life and activities for you to indulge yourself in with the company of your family and friends. Of course, your trip to this wonderful destination will not be limited to hikes in nature, cedar reserves, and historical landmarks, as Chouf is home to some of the most spectacular mountain escapes in the country.

Check out these 7 Chouf mountain escapes that will charm you to no end.

1. La Maison des Sources, Ain Zhalta

A 200-year-old guesthouse with many stories to tell, this escape is nestled right below the marvelous cedar reserve, so the smell of cedarwood will keep you company during your visit.

Known for its traditional stone walls and triple arch design, La Maison des Sources promises a true jabali experience. You’ll be charmed by the taste of tradition and therapeutic landscapes that come with this guesthouse.

2. Cherry Guesthouse, Deir El Qamar

This holiday rental will transport you back in time with its vintage feel. From enchanting stone pathways and ponds to an expanse of greenery, Cherry Guesthouse offers a truly secluded escape that will pluck you out of the chaos of day-to-day life.

The isolated destination is fully equipped with a bedroom, kitchnenette, living room, bathroom, outdoor grill, and a beautiful garden to spend your early mornings with the sound of chirping birds.

3. Maison de la Valle, Baakline

Situated atop a hill in the heart of Chouf, this guesthouse enjoys a magnificent view of the mountains and valley below. Ideal for view lovers who love being surrounded by nature from all directions, complete with an outdoor terrace.

Strategically located near old and abandoned structures, including ancestral homes and bridges, stepping out of Maison de la Valle and going on an adventure to discover the hidden gems nearby will be quite the memorable experience.

4. Deir Al Oumara, Deir El Qamar

This delightful gem is known as one of the few Lebanese historic hotels in the country, applauded for its beautiful structure and loyalty to Lebanese cultural heritage. A visit to Deir El Oumara will appeal to those who have a knack for history and architecture.

Deir El Oumara also has an authentic Lebanese restaurant to complete the traditional experience that comes with every stay, serving up delicious bayd 3al fokhar for breakfast and exceptional Lebanese mezza for lunch.

5. River Zen, Moltaka El Nahrayn

If you haven’t visited this serene escape yet, it’s about time you did. And if you already have, don’t you think this weather is perfect for another weekend getaway?

River Zen is a laidback scenic spot with an unbeatable riverside experience, where you can enjoy a treehouse stay, a refreshing dip in the river, and a delectable barbecue.

6. Beyt El Jabal, Deir El Qamar

A visit to the mesmerizing Deir El Qamar alone will charm you to no end, but you should top it off with an exceptional stay at Beyt El Jabal. This quaint escape stays true to the traditions of jabali homes, with large plants and olive trees scattered in their garden and outdoor terraces.

Mornings at Beyt El Jabal are one of a kind. Turn on Fayrouz’s “sabah w masa” while you marvel at the Chouf mountains and sip on your morning coffee. Therapeutic after a good night’s sleep.

7. Bouyouti, Maaser Beiteddine

Though a destination we all know and love, Bouyouti deserves a spot on this list of charming escapes. A stay at Bouyouti is nothing less of magical, with the impeccable views and fresh mountain air that completes the unique guesthouse experience.

Now that the weather allows it, you can see many flowers blossoming across their estate, turning the destination into a colorful wonderland (with a big pool).