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Bassel Obeid 12 May 2023

6 Food Combos You Should Try In Lebanon

Yes, we’re very aware that the food trends in Lebanon can be a bit unbearable, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not worth a try.

1. Pain perdu burger

The star item on Big Bang’s menu has be their debut dish, the pain perdu burger. This treat is combining two of our favorite comfort meals into one, made with a crispy chicken patty tucked into the fluffiest slices of sweet French toast.

2. Shawarma pizza


Anything with shawarma in it, count us in. Putting the “pineapple on pizza” debate to shame, our shawarma-obsessed selves have fallen in love with this experimental yet appetizing creation by Goodies.

3. Fattet shawarma

Refer to #2, because we meant it when we said that we want anything with shawarma in it. Leave it to Abou Sobhi in Tripoli to create an on-brand brunch dish for us to enjoy. AND they serve a freekeh dish topped with shawarma!

4. Baklava donuts

Got a sweet tooth? We’re sure anything from XnDoughs will knock your socks off, but we’ve had our eyes on their pistachio baklava donuts for a hot minute. With a fluffy dough and crispy baklava on the inside, this is one dessert we won’t get tired of.

5. Zaatar ice cream


You must have heard about the ice cream scientist in Hamra who sprinkles a piece of Lebanon into his ice cream…literally. The zaatar ice cream is quite the treat and it’s not as strange as it seems (trust us, we’ve tried it).

6. Asian saj

We love Lebanese saj, but we won’t say no to some new takes on this traditional treat. Saj Stories has the most satiated saj creations, and their most interesting one is the Asian-style Poulet laqué, made with marinated chicken, topped with spring onions and sesame seeds.