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Mia Arawi 12 May 2023

10 Ways To Torture Yourself In Lebanon

Why would anyone want to torture themselves? Listen, we don’t judge here, just deliver. If you are looking to get yourself into some spontaneous torture-tastic times, we have 10 great ways you can do that in Lebanon.

1. Try any of these weird Lebanese combos

Kafta and Vanilla Ice Cream,

2. Really rely on any utility working properly

Honey, please.

3. Assume traffic won’t be that bad

It’ll only be a 5 minute drive…huge mistake.

4. Try any of these surefire tips to piss off your Lebanese family

That will definitely end well…

5. Go for a leisurely stroll

Your ex is always a corner away.

6. Go out on a first date

The horror…the horror.

7. Get on a Lebanese dating app

Save yourself from these habits that really need to stop.

8. Try to take anything a politician says seriously

Michel Elias el Murr is an elected MP, let’s move on.

9. Try to apply for a visa


10. Be a student during finals season

God help us all.