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Sarah Tarhini 15 May 2023

You Can Now Have Booza 3a Janerik From This Spot In Lebanon

We’re starting your Monday off right with some delicious news.

Thanks to Gustoso, a juice bar and lounge located in Hadath, janerik lovers can enjoy their favorite fruit in ice cream form.

Made from our favorite seasonal green fruit, this tangy invention might be one of the best bizarre ice cream concoctions on the market, after the…interesting (?) bouza 3a koussa that flooded our social media back in 2017.

Top this treat with a sprinkle of salt and stay refreshed for the rest of the day!

If you’re one for interesting ice cream flavors, don’t forget to pay the ice cream scientist in Hamra a visit. Booza Society offers some unique flavors made right, like zaatar, halawa, Arabic coffee, sahlab and miskeh, and the latest addition: maamoul!

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