There are no words to describe the sheer evil that is Fayhan Al-Ghamdi. There is no punishment severe enough for his crime.

Ghamdi, a prominent Muslim preacher who appeared regularly on Muslim television shows, admitted himself to prison after confessing to beating his 5-year-old daughter, Lama Ghamdi, with a cane and cables. reports that Ghamdi got off on a ridiculously light charge, and was required to spend only a short time in jail and pay a $50,000 fine—"blood money" made to the Lama's relatives.

AFP reports that Lama arrived to the hospital on Christmas day, 2011 with a massive amount of injuries—including a crushed skull, broken ribs, broken back and left arm, extensive bruising and burns. Social Worker Randa al-Kaleeb said that Lama had been raped "everywhere", and the victim's own mother said that hospital staff had told her that the "child's rectum had been torn open and the abuser had attempted to burn it closed."

In a heart-wrenching video by MBC, Lama's mother describes the horrific scene in Arabic, saying that Ghamdi was "not human." Tears inexplicably fall as you watch a 5-year-old little girl fighting for her life in a hospital bed, covered head-to-toe with tubes and casts.

Lama died last October, murdered by her monster of a father. Hiding behind a veil of distorted Islamic faith, Ghamdi is all that is wrong with the Saudi society. If Lama had been a boy, would he have gotten off so easily? If Ghamdi had not been a respected Islamic figure, would his jail sentence have been so short? Rapists are creatures below all other creatures—and to torture and maim your own child makes Ghamdi the scum of the earth. And the bastards who let him off easy have just deemed his crimes only slightly reproachable—as if killing your child—a lowly female—is just not a big deal.

Oh and just so we're clear about how f***ing ridiculous Saudi is, Al Arabiya reports that a Saudi cleric has just issued a fatwa requiring infant girls to wear burqas to protect them aganist sexual molestation. First of all, if you're having a problem with sexual molestation, there is something wrong with your society. And if you think veiling freaking babies is the way to do it, well then you might as well veil animals and boys and god damn grapefruits. Or you know, teach men that it's wrong to rape. Because that couldn't have crossed your chauvinistic minds first, I'm sure.

Saudi Preacher Who Raped and Killed 5-Year-Old Daughter Gets Off With Light Sentence

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