So CNN apparently loves writing about Beirut.

This past month alone, they've crowned a Lebanese restaurant as the number one best breakfast destination as well as dubbing the Lebanese as the sixth most romantic nationality.

Now they're ranking our pubs--and rather convincingly. With a surprisingly well thought-out list of the top 10 best pubs and bars around Beirut, I've got to admit--CNN seems to know Beirut almost as well as me.

Compiling as comprehensive a list as any, CNN lists places for Gemmayzeh, Mar Mikhael and Hamra pubbers alike--ranking the likes of February 30, Internazionale, Dictateur, and Behind the Green Door in their top 10.

Never one to slack, CNN even mentioned club favorites, Sky Bar and Bar ThreeSixty.

Capping their list with an interestingly chill top three, CNN chose three Gemmayzeh bars as the decisive winners, ranking Kayan, Torino Express, and Dragonfly as the third, second and first spots, respectively.

But what really sold the list to me was the mention of my all-time favorite pub and number seven spot, Hamra's Ferdinand. (They even mentioned the Ferdi burger!)

Seriously though, kudos to CNN for doing their research. This is legit.

CNN Picks 10 Best Bars of Beirut

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Its been more than a month talking about Beirut. Month ago they were talking how expats loving living in Beirut and its lifestyle. then about how with all the bad situation we are enjoying a great positive full of energy skiing day in faraya, before heading again at night for clubbing. Its only Lebanese who speak badly about this country.

Mazen Farah on Mar 28, 2013 via web