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Dating is a tricky game in which you offer up your heart and emotions for someone else to stomp all over them and then throw in the trash. That aside, dating can be fun because it involves two of my favorite activities: eating and drinking.

If You're Meeting For Coffee

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Take your date somewhere cool and calm; avoid big coffee shops like Starbucks because you want your date to think that you have preferences that make you more interesting. Order a double espresso or a ristretto to seem cool and mysterious. Conversely, order a caramel mocha java chip frappuccino to signal to your date that you're ten-years-old on the inside and need several servings of ice cream to get through the day.

Order dessert along with coffee to get a look at their chewing etiquette - very important stuff! Try Urbanista for a casual and enjoyable experience. Another top pick would be Ginette in Gemmayzeh which is usually a brunch place, but very coffee-date friendly. The terrace is a beautiful and spacious place for you to have a latte and some dessert, and take a look around when things get awkward and boring.

Gouraud Street
Tel.: +9611567811

Gouraud St.
Tel.: +9611570440

If You're Meeting For Lunch

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Go somewhere simple and delicious to hear what he/she sounds like when moaning with enjoyment over the food. Is it a sexy, sultry moan? Or does it sound like a cow being fucked? Proceed with caution. Our top pick for a lunch date in Beirut is Bar Tartine. It is trendy, delicious, and comfortable. Share the spinach-artichoke dip as an appetizer and have a glass of wine to increase your chances of enjoying each others’ company and getting deep in one another's pants. For people who love Hamra, try Bagatelle tucked away on Jeanne D’Arc Street. Open in a beautiful old house dating back to the 1920’s with a sleek wine bar, this Mediterranean bistro has something for everyone.

Bar Tartine
Mar Mikhael Street
Mob.: +96171466788

Jabre Doumit Street
Tel.: +9611342842

If You're Meeting For Drinks

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Mar Mikhael is a great place to go on a first date because you can easily duck into a dark alley and text your date that you’ve been kidnapped. My favorite pick for a first date is the TrainStation, mainly because if you run out of things to talk about, you can discuss the huge train in the middle of the venue. Also, the bar is nice and comfortable to sit at. Another great spot to try is Cherry On The Rooftop, the lounge on the rooftop of the Le Gray Hotel in Downtown Beirut. You can share some delicious appetizers and sip on their innovative cocktails while you pretend you’re not a completely crazy person who will leave 40 missed calls on their phone when they’re sleeping. Enjoy.

Armenia Street
Mar Mikhael
Mob.: +96178907090

Cherry on the Rooftop
Le Gray Hotel
Tel.: +9611972000

If You're Meeting For Dinner

It is my general rule to never go for dinner on a first date because sometimes steak takes a long time to cook and maybe you hate the person’s guts before the bread basket is on the table.

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