“Wait, what do you mean my dog can’t come in to this exclusive party?” is something I say to bouncers at least thirty times a month. Those of us who have dogs are very attached to them, which is why we’ve compiled this handy list of dog-friendly places around Beirut; so you and your pooch can have a fun day out.

1. Paul

Paul has been one of Lebanon’s favorite French spots for a while now. Known for their freshly baked pastries and bread, it was the icing on the cake to find out that they’ll let your dog accompany you at their restaurant in their beautiful garden outdoors.

2. L’osteria

A beautiful stone pub in Mar Mikhael, saying that L’osteria is dog-friendly is an understatement. The owner and staff are all avid dog-lovers and will provide your pooch with a water bowl upon arrival. Just watch out when you order the charcuterie platter, my dog loves begging for Italian salami.

3. Oliver’s Kitchen and Coffee Shop

Oliver’s Kitchen and Coffee Shop is a newly opened café and restaurant in Gemmayze that has the words FREE WIFI plastered on the front, and if that’s not enough to entice you: they’ll let you bring your dog in too. Don’t forget to try their incredible (and incredibly cheap!) iced lattes.

4. Karout Mall

For those of you who don’t know, Karout Mall is a huge complex mall that has everything, and we mean everything from camping supplies to accessories for your home. The best part is you can bring your dogs in too and let them ride around in a cart – they love it. The mall also has a pet shop so you can buy your best bud some treats and toys.

5. London Bar

London Bar is a cozy resto-pub on Hamra that serves delicious cocktails and homemade food. They love dogs there, so what better way to unwind after a long day of work than to head over to your neighborhood pub with your furry best friend? Cocktails and puppies? Count me in.

6. Sour Beach: Cloud 59 Tent

We’ve already told you why Sour’s coast is the most beautiful beach in Lebanon, and now we’re here to add to the good news. Dogs are welcome to chill on the sand and even swim! Be careful when taking your dog to the beach, make sure they have a shaded area to rest and that they drink plenty of fresh water. But other than that, have a great time literally doggy paddling with your best friend!

Reader submissions:

According to some helpful readers, these spots are dog-friendly as well:

- Colonel Beer Brewery

- London Bar

- Floyd The Dog

- Coop D'etat

- Neighbors

- Kaakaya


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Hi, I want to add Gladiators Horse Riding Club and Chez Marwan Bchamoun

Sawsan Mansour on Mar 6, 2016 via web