Lebanon’s dynamic and pluralistic cultural landscape is best revealed through its museums. Here is a small compilation of local museums guaranteed to satisfy both your intellectual and aesthetic appetites.

Mim Museum (Mim Musée des Minéraux)

Located on the Saint-Joseph University Campus in Beirut, Mim Museum hosts Mr. Salim Edde’s breathtaking collection of over 1600 minerals, representing more than 300 different species from 65 countries. With pieces originating from major mining discoveries and a number of renowned collections, Edde’s collection is currently considered to be one of the world's greatest private collections, both in the variety and quality of its minerals. The museum is also equipped with large interactive screens featuring fun scientific applications of mineralogy.

Sursock Museum

The Sursock mansion first opened as a museum in 1961, serving as Beirut’s undisputed cultural hub until civil war broke out in 1975. After closing its doors in 2007, the museum underwent a massive 7-year renovation and is now welcoming visitors again to experiment with various forms of art and ideation. A true architectural gem in the heart of Ashrafieh, The Sursock Museum houses a diverse collection of local and international artworks and hosts compelling art and photography exhibitions all year round.

The Robert Mouawad Private Museum

Originally conceived as a private residence, the Robert Mouawad Private Museum is home to a tenderly crafted collection of oriental and occidental artifacts, assembled piece by piece by prominent Lebanese art collector Henri Pharaon over many years. Robert Mouawad turned the Pharaon place into a museum in 2006. The space hosts charming selections of jewelry, antiquities, Islamic pottery, icons, Chinese porcelain, and preserved manuscripts.


Inaugurated in June 2013 inside a large factory compound on the hilltop of Alita, the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum (MACAM) boasts a selection of sculptures and art installations created by Lebanese and Lebanon-based artists. Modern in its vision and comprehensive in its concept, the exhibition space is divided into two adjacent venues, one dedicated for sculpture and the other for installation art, in addition to a spacious activities hall and children corner.

The National Museum

Encompassing valuable archeological finds resulting from nationwide excavations, the National Museum is Lebanon’s principal archeology museum. Its massive collection of ancient artifacts and antiquities ranges from prehistoric times to the Mamluk period.

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