Nothing says happiness quite like a hot order of crispy French fries, no matter the shape, size, sauce…

Here’s a list of the most addictive fries in the city, feel free to add your personal favorites in the comments!

1. Popolo

The Patatine Al Tartufo (truffled chips) at Popolo are so incredible that we actually wrote an entire article just about them. “Crispy potato allumettes covered with a white truffle sauce made of black truffle bits, white truffle oil, and cream - spiced to perfection and served generously. The potatoes are crunchy and full of flavor, yet the taste is subtle enough to keep you craving more without overpowering your senses.”

2. Marky’s

The taste of Montreal right here in Lebanon! Served classic or covered in smoked meat, this french fry delight is a must-try for those of you who love the combo of meat, gravy, cheese, and potato! You can also opt to add grilled mushrooms and onions!

3. Chili’s

Smothered with delicious beef chili, tangy cheddar, and sliced jalepeños, the Texas Cheese Fries platter will satisfy any level of hunger, and then some. Served with creamy ranch!

4. Friesy

Though it’s not a permanent shop, Friesy always takes part in the Souk El Akel street food festivals. They are home to the most mouthwatering, crunchy, and addictive fries in town. They have curly fries, wedges, as well as classic fries. Friesy is also always coming out with new flavors and toppings, so be sure to check them out. Our personal favorites are the loaded fries, with lots of cheese and toppings - yum!

5. Bardo

Located in Hamra next to Haigazian University, Bardo is a cozy resto-pub with a laid back vibe and incredible food. They have a variety of amazing dishes, like their flavorful ramen, but their hand cut herbed french fries are out of this world. They are soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside, and always served with a variety of dipping sauces like the delicious pink or peanut sauce.

6. Classic Burger Joint

Fresh fries, well-seasoned, with a crunchy exterior. You simply can’t go wrong eating Classic Burger fries! The best part? Free refills for dine-in customers. More, please.

You can also try their latest, crispy chips, conveniently packaged delicious crisps! The spectacular seasoning is addictive.

7. Café Younes

One of our favorite cafes in Beirut, made even better with their scrumptious fries! Both the regular French Fries and the wedges are everything you’ll love; crispy on the outside and soft in the middle, perfectly complemented by the right amount of salt.

8. Punta del Este

Aside from the fact that Punta is a beautiful place overlooking the Jounieh bay, the fries there are killer. Wedges served hot and fresh with tasty dipping sauces. You can also order other non-wedges items like their quesadillas and nachos but the wedges are a must!

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you should add Lody's french fries to the list because they are amazing

Toufic Nouwayhed on Oct 1, 2016 via web