Welcome to the ever-growing, ever-changing array of Experiments in Crazy Lab World. Kids can enjoy a wide variety of science experiments, recipes and cool science projects for school.

Learn why things bubble, fizz, react and grow in the chemistry section. From Slime making, to experimenting with Instant-worms, to observing Transparent water orbs getting colored, to the famous Instant-Snow experiment!

Learn all about the dance of electrons; who they'll jump in with and who they avoid. Float a gigantic Solar Bag with the heat of the sun, watch as the sun's ultraviolet light changes ordinary white beads to one-of-a-kind UV Beads and make a photographic print of your favorite objects with Sun Sensitive Paper! You can even see the sun's energy activate a Solar Grasshopper, Solar Frog, Solar Racing Car. There are lots of ideas here for your next science fair project!

Whether you are looking for the spooky sounds of Screaming Balloons or the scientific sounds of a Singing Rod, at Crazy Lab, they’ve got you covered!

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