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Danielle Issa 11 Mar 2015

There’s A Bunch Of New Places To Eat in Beirut, And You Need To Check Them Out Right Now

If you live in Beirut, you know one of the charms of the city is that it is in a constant state of flux. The façade of a street can completely morph as one shop shuts and another five sprout up. This truth is perhaps best demonstrated by the city’s food and beverage sector. The good news? Food fanatics are perpetually entertained with new eating grounds to explore.

Here is Beirut’s latest lineup of newbies, and they’re looking delicious.

1. New Kababji, Roadster, Zaatar W Zeit and Pinkberry

Beirut Souks is interminably under construction, and if you stroll by Cinema City, you’ll notice an indoor food court with some wicked architecture. Three of Lebanon’s favorite grub hubs: Kababji Grill, Roadster, and Zaatar W Zeit, as well as international frozen yogurt sensation, Pinkberry, are represented here. Each kitchen has a small counter where you can place your order, take a buzzer, plant yourself at one of the many communal dining tables, and wait for the magical vibration – food’s ready! Froyo lovers will revel in the fact that in addition to Pinkberry, a Canadian frozen yogurt bar called Yeh! is set to open at the opposite end of Souks, between H&M and Hermes. Slurp.

Beirut Souks
Tel.: +9611989040
Tel.: +9611989041

2. Meito

Meito is an international brand hailing from Munich and specializing in bubble tea. Using state-of-the-art machinery built and designed by German engineers and robotic designers, Meito is revolutionizing the way the Taiwanese specialty drink is crafted. Pick among various tea types, serving temperatures, flavors, and balls (tapioca pearls, cubed fruit jellies, or spherical fruit gushers), and watch as your treat is prepared in front of you. There’s even frozen yogurt on the menu, as well as delectable baked goods, pancakes, fruit cups, yogurt parfaits, and the most perfect poached eggs hollandaise.

Bayview Hotel – Ground Floor, Ibn Sina Street
Ain El Mreisseh
Tel.: +9611379545

3. Cucina

(Image via Instagram)

I firmly believe that this city can never have enough Italian restaurants. Cucina is the most recent addition to the fine collection of ristorantes serving up fare from the boot-shaped country. Nestled between Yabani and Metropole in Minet el Hosn, the venue is an alluring white-and-black space with high ceilings, smart acoustics amenable to conversations, and a spacious outdoor terrace that will no doubt be a destination for Beirut’s posh gourmets. Try the saffron risotto, fragrant with the golden-yellow spice, and end with the decadent chocolate soufflé. Divinity incarnate.

Caragoula Street
Minet el-Hosn
Tel.: +9611984984

4. Onno’s New Badaro Branch

(Image via Plus 961)

Badaro has definitely been getting some love in the food scene, and Armenian restaurant Onno Bistro is the latest testament to that fact. Long sought after as a culinary landmark in Bourj Hammoud thanks to its tasty Armenian spread, generous portion sizes, and unmatched prices, Onno opened a second outlet in the emerging Beirut suburb that’s host to a number of bars, cafes, and restaurants. Don’t miss the manti, neat little pockets of seasoned meat drenched with tomato juice and slathered with cool laban. The basterma with quail eggs are notoriously scrumptious, too.

Al Thani Building, Badaro Street
Mob.: +96170383203

5. Spin the Hen

(Image via Instagram)

Spin the Hen is a self-professed quick-food rotisserie concept that makes healthy sandwiches and roasted chicken to order. There are five chicken specialties, ranging from the classic garlic edition to Mussakhan, Mexican, Indian and Dukkah. The menu also features beef and sojok wraps; fatteh with chicken, chickpeas, or eggplant; and eggs. For a Levantine treat, savor the ouzi, a thin pastry shell cradling riz 3a djej. The tamrieh, prepared a la minute and dusted with confectioners’ sugar, are addictively good.

Spin the Hen
Pasteur Street
Tel.: +9611560093