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Nouchka Boustany 13 Sep 2016

5 Amazing Shawarmas We Had In Beirut

When it comes to shawarma, the only dilemma you should have is: meat or chicken? I would say both, but leave the choice of the place to us! Here’s our top five picks:

1. Shawarma Bey – Mar Mikhael

This hot new place in Mar Mikhael serves shawarma with a twist! With its juicy filling, perfectly seasoned chicken or meat and soft warm pita bread, Shawarma Bey is a delicious treat.

2. Shawarma w Saj – Hamra

Have you ever tried your shawarma in saj bread? Shawarma w Saj dared to reinvent this traditional sandwich and succeeded! Don’t miss this new mouthwatering shawarma experience!

3. Diwan Beirut – Ashrafieh

At Diwan Beirut, the entire menu is delicious! And the shawarma is no different: the chicken is always juicy and the meat is tender. And more important, all the ingredients taste fresh and clean.

4. Al Ajami – Ramlet El Bayda

Al Ajami is a traditional Lebanese place that has a star on their menu: shawarma. With the perfect combination of ingredients and spices, this place will satisfy your shawarma cravings.

5. Boubouffe – Ashrafieh

If you’re looking for a good old fashioned shawarma, Boubouffe is the place to go. The restaurant serves top quality chicken and beef sandwiches or platters, tasty till the last bite!

Psst, can’t find your favorite on the list? Here are five more great shawarmas.