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Mia Arawi 21 Jul 2017

13 Places You Might Not Know Deliver Food In Beirut

Keep these in mind for the next time you don’t feel like ordering the same ol’ junk food.

1. Bardo

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At the top of our list is the incomparable Bardo; with fresh ingredients, delicious recipes, and an all-encompassing menu, they have something for everyone! (We’re talking spicy shrimp noodles, chicken salads, vegetable green curry, and more!) Check out a few of their dishes in the video below.

2. Jai

This Asian kitchen serves up dishes like chicken satay, noodles, salads, and more!

3. Butcher’s BBQ Joint

Soul food, pulled pork, fried chicken – need we say more?

4. Lobster Society

For the times you’re hanging out on your couch and crave a lobster roll!

5. Breakfast Barn

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Sandwiches, toasts, yoghurt, and all things breakfast!

6. Acote

Where street food meets gourmet! They’ve got everything from lobster rolls and sandwiches to salads and burgers.

7. Nonna

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PIZZA GALORE! (Tip: try the spicy pepperoni!)

8. Gavi

Who says you can’t order delicious Italian right to your doorstep?

9. Batchig

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Weekly dishes and lunchbox packs!

10. Orso Bianco

Who says home delivery is just for savory meals? When you’re craving a cold treat, look no further!

11. Kahwet Leila

Some Lebanese comfort food right to your doorstep!

12. Beit Halab

Lahme w karaz is the photo above, along with tons of delectable homey meals.

13. Mr. Brown

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Good food, good prices, right to your doorstep.