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Beirut.com 30 Jan 2020

Things You Say Both During Sex And The Revolution

We’ve already told you about 25 Things You Say Both During Sex And A Lebanese Family Lunch, Things You Can Say During Sex And In Traffic, and 17 Things You Say Both During Sex And When You’re Broke. And now this:

Disclaimer: This is simply intended for a laugh.

1. Shway shway 3layye

When you’re getting beaten up by riot police.

2. Mish 3al wejj

When they start firing rubber bullets.

3. Eja b 3ayne

When the tear gas hits.

4. Ma fik tfout la hon

When you’re trying to reach the parliament.

5. Jebet protection?

In case things get violent..

6. I’m so wet

When they bring out the water cannons.

7. Eja ma3ak?

About the friend you lost in the crowds.

8. Awal marra?

When it’s someone’s first time protesting.

9. Lazza2

El politician 3al kerse…

10. Ma 3am bifout

When the gas mask is a size too small.

11. Louder

When you’re arrested and Ramez El Kadi is asking for your name.

12. Jibo la hon

Riot police to each other after they arrest you.

13. Lek shu kbir!

About the revolution fist in Martyrs’ Square.

14. Hela hela ho

Because why not…